17 Techniques Used to Scale Turntable.fm and Labmeeting to Millions of Users

In How to launch in a month and scale to a million users, Joseph Perla, Former VP of Technology and founding team of Turntable.fm, shares techniques he used to build and quickly scale his startups. The post is very well written and a must read. Here are the essentials:

  1. Keep it simple. Build API’s before making the website or mobile apps. Keep interfaces small and single-purpose. 
  2. Get it right. Build in automated tests from the start. Create function tests, module level tests, and full integration tests. Run tests on every commit. No new code written while bugs exist.
  3. Don’t hide power. Use Pebbles to magnum cash advance payday loan write bug-free Javascript, a library to create complicated AJAX interactions by writing 0 javascript by adding a few extra HTML tags to code.
  4. Use procedure arguments to provide flexibility in an interface. Pass functions instead of parameters to support complicated scenarios. For example, a filter function return a boolean.
  5. Leave it to the client. Keep the server simple and move as much functionality as possible to the client.
  6. Continuity. Keep interfaces stable. Version interfaces from the start.
  7. Keep secrets of the implementation. Keep service implementations entirely independent to provide maximum flexibility to handle requirement changes, even though it means a slight performance decrease.