The Risks Of Testing in Scaled Performance Environments

This article will explain the risks associated with using a scaled (aka downsized) environment for Performance Testing.  Performance testing is frequently executed against a smaller sized environment than the live production. Testing against the production environment is the ideal solution but not possible due to several factors ranging from cost, practicality and risk. This article will specifically […]

Calculating the number of Virtual Users to achieve the target load using HP Loadrunner

With Performance Center you can configure the number of virtual users for your test scenario. This blog describes how to use it with the scenario runtime length to target the test system with the required load. Business requirements (if there are any) should state how much load the website is expected to handle. The definition […]

Custom LoadRunner Transaction Reporting

This article will detail a means of reporting on long-running, problematic transactions using a custom C function. If you discover a particular transaction that appears to have a high deviation of response time (for example through its standard deviation or percentile profile), you’ll probably want to find out what’s causing it. For example, you might […]

Pricing for Load Testing Tools

This article aims to describe the different pricing structures you may face when evaluating commercial load testing tools.  I’ll use the market leading performance test tool for a concrete illustration – HP Performance Center also commonly referred to as Loadrunner.  I was called in to act as a Performance consultant on behalf of a client that had an urgent need […]

Re-initialising Facilita Virtual Users

This article will explain how to gracefully re-use Facilita Forecast Virtual Users that exit in the initial workflow stages. The main notable benefit being you can better utilise the licensed capacity of your virtual users.  You may run into a situation where you encounter a decision that  is dependant on actions your script performed in […]