Loadrunner TruClient limitations

Load testing of AJAX-based web applications will never be easier… that’s the message HP would have you believe should you encounter the marketing material provided by HP. In most situations the Loadrunner TruClient script type relieves the pain of scripting AJAX applications – making script authors forget the necessity of correlating AJAX parameters or separately having to code AJAX […]

When good front-end optimization goes bad: How to make sure your site tests well AND looks good

There are a lot of ways to optimize a page at the front end, and while some of these techniques can give you great-looking RUM and WebPagetest results on paper, they can also mess with how your page actually looks and performs. These days, I’m seeing more and more sites that test well but perform poorly. Here are two tips to make sure this isn’t happening to you.

Performance Testing Citrix

Load Testing and Citrix I wanted to write a high level overview of why performance testing with Citrix is different from other protocol adaptors and isn’t straightforward.  This is possibly one of the least popular protocols for performance engineers to load test because its simplicity ironically makes it complex. Citrix is designed to deliver secure fat […]

Load Testing GUIs dont work Dont swap the wheel for a square.

Performance testing is complex, you can’t use just a screwdriver – you need a swiss army knife. I’ve seen yet another performance test tool that sells itself as needing ‘no scripting’ ability. A scriptless tool – ‘no coding required’.  I’ve lost count of the number of tools I see selling with these points. If you’re thinking […]