5 Scalability Poisons and 3 Cloud Scalability Antidotes

Sean Hull with two helpful posts:

5 Things That are Toxic to Scalability:

  1. Object Relational Mappers. Create complex queries that hard to optimize and tweak.
  2. Synchronous, Serial, Coupled or Locking Processes. Locks are like stop signs, traffic circles keep the traffic flowing. Row level locking is better than table level locking. Use async replication. Use eventual consistency for clusters.
  3. One Copy of Your Database. A single free online casino cash database server is a choke point. Create parallel databases and let a driver select between them.
  4. Having No Metrics. Visualize what’s happening to your system using one of the many monitoring packages.
  5. Lack of Feature Flags. Be able to turn off features via a flag so when a spike hits features can be turned off to reduce load.

3 Ways to Boost Cloud Scalability: