When good front-end optimization goes bad: How to make sure your site tests well AND looks good

There are a lot of ways to optimize a page at the front end, and while some of these techniques can give you great-looking RUM and WebPagetest results on paper, they can also mess with how your page actually looks and performs. These days, I’m seeing more and more sites that test well but perform poorly. Here are two tips to make sure this isn’t happening to you.

Good question: We own a load balancer/ADC. Why not just use it to accelerate our site?

Application delivery controllers do not focus on front-end problems, yet the language they use is very similar to the language used by the front-end performance community. This post demystifies web acceleration from an ADC perspective — looking at ADC features from the perspective of real end-user performance and asking ourselves how much benefit they bring to real end users.

Web performance and the 2012 US election: Is site speed an early indicator of future success?

Barack Obama and each of the Republican candidates’ all claim to be pretty pro-technology, with strong anti-SOPA and anti-PIPA stances. I wanted to see if this pro-tech stance extends to web performance, so I decided to take a shallow dive into their websites and mobile strategies. I was actually kind of surprised to see some interesting patterns emerge.