Scripting RMI with Loadrunner VuGen 9.5x and 11

The Java Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a Java application programming interface that supports an object-oriented way of  remote procedure calls (RPC). In this article I show you two ways to create performance tests scripts with Loadrunner for RMI-driven applications. As RMI is a Java-specific protocol, the Java vuser or the Java Record replay protocols mush […]

Creating Custom Metric Graphs with HP Loadrunner

This post will describe how to create your own custom metric graphs in HP Loadrunner. Using the Analysis tool you can view the standard metrics of a Load Test. But you can also use the VuGen scripts to report your own numbers as ‘User Data Points’ and feed them into the Analysis component. Let’s assume you […]

Custom LoadRunner Transaction Reporting

This article will detail a means of reporting on long-running, problematic transactions using a custom C function. If you discover a particular transaction that appears to have a high deviation of response time (for example through its standard deviation or percentile profile), you’ll probably want to find out what’s causing it. For example, you might […]

Customisation of LoadRunner Transaction Names

This article will detail a better way of defining and coding for Loadrunner transactions. Script transaction names should ideally take a common, easily understandable format in order to ease debugging and test analysis activities. Consider the following three transaction names in a Web (HTTP/HTML) search script for a Web application: ClickSearchPage ClickSearchButton ClickRandomItem Whilst these […]