Detailed Performance Testing process

I have previously described the high level performance testing process – here is a detailed flow of the steps required for the implementation of this. The diagram is split into idealised roles.  In practice we quite often find the performance team is very small, sometimes only one person.   In this respect the demands placed on the performance tester is considerable, they have to PM, do a little business analysis, develop, execute code, test and report results – not many other roles within the IT industry require this breath of skill sets.

Detailed Performance Testing Process continued
Detailed Performance Testing Process

Now the performance execution phase can begin.  Remember – the performance tests can only be as accurate as the requirements driving the model.  If the Non Functional Requirements are wrong – then the test will be wrong.  Check, verify and validate requirements: 2000 concurrent users is very different from 2000 users! Time invested in the performance requirements is time well spent.  This has an exponential effect on the downstream effort required for coding, execution and reporting.

Detailed breakdown of the performance execution phase

Follow these steps and you will be on the road to achieving an accurate and well known set of performance tests prior to release.


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