Indispensable Tools for the Performance Tester

Here is list of the tools I find improve my productively as a performance tester:

  • HTTP FOX plugin : Allows you to view traffic flowing from client browser to server
  • TOAD (freeware): Connect to the DB, inspect tables and create SQL.
  • WireShark:  Detailed network monitoring tool, complicated – but useful to capture actual packets of data flowing between client and server.
  • Jhat: Java Heap Analysis tool
  • Textedit++/TextPad:  Extracting information from files and formatting e.g. xml. Also useful for viewing very very large files. TextPad has a great grep utility as well.
  • FileZilla:  If the client has FTP servers set up it’s a great way to pull information from server machines to your own
  • Gadwin Print Screen:  Allows you to quickly capture screen shots as evidence
  • IM Client: My preference is Skype but you really have to go with whatever IM client is prevalent within the company – communication between Performance Testers, Sys Admins , DBA’s and other team members is greatly enhanced.
  • Excel:  Useful for manipulating raw data and tons of other stuff – particularly useful when analyzing raw data from live.
  • PageSpeed: Get visibility on what is happening outside the firewall and enables a more end-to-end analysis of where the time is being taken up.
Other Tools to look at include:
  • Soap-UI
  • JConsole / Jvisualvm
  • Total Commander
  • TagTraum GCViewer / HPJmeter
  • Eclipse Memory Analyser tool
These tools will greatly assit in your role as a performance tester.

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