Instagram Architecture Update: Whats new with Instagram?

The fascination over Instagram continues and fortunately we have several new streams of information to feed the insanity. So consider this article an update to The Instagram Architecture Facebook Bought For A Cool Billion Dollars, based primarily on Scaling Instagram, a slide deck for an AirBnB tech talk given by Instagram co-founder, Mike Krieger. Several other information sources, listed at the bottom of the article, were also used.

Unfortunately we just have a slide deck, so the connective tissue of the talk is missing, but SizeGenetics it’s still very interesting, in the same spirit of wisdom presentations we often see after developers come up for air after spending significant time spent in the trenches.

If you expect to dive deep into the technological details and find a billion reasons why Instagram was acquired, you will be disappointed. That magic can be found in the emotional investment in the relationship between all of the users and the product, not in the bits about how they bytes are managed.

So what’s new with Instagram?