The new kid on the block…. SOASTA Cloud Testing.  Find out more about the SOASTA products here.


  • SOASTA – High Level Benefits So there is a new kid on the performance testing block. SOASTA CloudTest – a Load Testing tool, which unsurprisingly is hosted in the Cloud. I’ve recently had time to get hands on with the tool and thought I would attempt to sum up the the main benefits here: Free Demo Version:  There is no license cost to ...
  • Creating a re-usable library of routines using SOASTA Creating reusable load testing functions using SOASTA This article describes a framework for creating a reusable library of functions using the SOASTA toolset . It amazing that SOASTA doesn’t allow you to do this out of the box. So after a little hacking around, I discovered a way of achieving this.  It made my life and ...

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