Monitoring System resources with HP Performance Center

During test execution Loadrunner measures basic performance metrics, such as response times, transactions per second, transferred bytes, etc. However to have the proper overview, it is vital to see the impact of the test on the tested hardware and software.

Hardware utilization (CPU, disk I/O, network) and software counters (entity cache statistics, software-internal metrics) are typically interesting metrics to assess system performance better.

The best solution to collect resource usage data is to connect Performance Center with HP Sitescope. Not having a Sitescope license still does not mean you have no option for resource monitoring: Performance Center includes support for a number of architectures (Unix, Windows, Webservers, Application servers, Database servers, SNMP etc.) Unfortunately Performance Center does not support Java Management Extension counters, you still need Sitescope to monitor those.

Performance Center performs agentless resource monitoring and presents the resource metrics broke online blackjack for fun down to individual hosts together with other request metrics.

The configuration of the resource monitors should be carried out per Project basis with the Performance Center User Site’s Monitor Profile option.

To configure a monitor for e.g. a Windows Server:

1)      Choose Windows Server as a monitored target

2)      Specify the name of the server and the username+password of the administrator user. I create a separate user for this purpose.

3)      Select from the wide range of metrics to collect (CPU, I/O, disk, etc.)

To use the monitor during a test execution:

1)      Select the test in Load Tests/Manage

2)      Activate the appropriate resource monitor group on the Monitors tab

3)      During test execution the monitor graphs are located at the ’Resource monitor’ category.

4)      In Analysis and in the report the charts are available at the System Resources category.


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