Pricing for Load Testing Tools

This article aims to describe the different pricing structures you may face when evaluating commercial load testing tools.  I’ll use the market leading performance test tool for a concrete illustration – HP Performance Center also commonly referred to as Loadrunner.  I was called in to act as a Performance consultant on behalf of a client that had an urgent need […]

How to performance test with HP Loadrunner?

HP Loadrunner allows the implementation, execution, reporting & evaluation of your performance tests.  Before beginning to script using Loadrunner you need to have a clear understanding of what to test. In this post I will describe the major points of planning and executing a proper performance test (see earlier posts for details) highlighting the stages […]

My Top Five Issues with Performance Center

I previously discussed what I saw as the main advantages to HP Performance Center, however I also have a number of grips using the software. What follows are the top five areas I which I think Performance Center could be improved upon: The Performance Center User administration user interface relies intensively on AJAX calls, e.g. […]

My Experience with Loadrunner (Overview)

Starting to use Loadrunner as a performance validation platform changed the way I looked at load generation tools; previously I had extensively used JMeter. What follows are a list of the main benefits & points of using Loadrunner: 1. Loadrunner is an enterprise-grade tool: As the project team I worked on was split site we […]

What is the Difference between Loadrunner and Performance Center

This question has been asked many times and the simple answer is this: Performance Center is simply Loadrunner wrapped up in a web front end.  I personally think that the web front end looks extremely dated and clumsy – its in need of an update, but dispiste being superficial it does do what is required.  By wrapping up […]

Performance Center : Architecture overview

High Level Overview Loadrunner has the following high level conceptual components: Injector(s) – Used to replicate virtual users Controller – Used to coordinate the actions of the simulated users Realtime monitors – gives information on hardware and software metric’s during simulation Analysis Database – stores information for post analysis Any commercial load-testing tool should consist of these.   Communication between […]